Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Upstanding Citizen

Jenn woke up, threw her covers off, rolled out of bed, and as soon as she put her feet on floor on the right side of the bed, she knew. It was going to be a crappy day. She normally got up on the left side.

Walking through the park on her way to work, dark clouds still broiled over Jenn's head, despite the happy sunshine streaming through the leaves and mottling the path green and yellow. The mountain range of trash she slogged through, a friendly present from their neighborhood raging storm, didn't help either. Gusting out an affronted sigh, Jenn kicked at the nearest piece of trash. She really didn't feel like cleaning this up, but who else was going to do it? The city? Ha. Christ, what's the point of being an upstanding citizen if all it does is rope you into more work? She stalked into the Animal Hospital and blew past Mr. Green's friendly greeting with a muted growl. Thank god dogs don't talk.

20 bulging trash bags, 10 worn-out puppies, and four hours later the clouds had slowly cleared over Jenn's head. It feels so good to be productive, she thought as she swung the last bag over the edge of the dumpster with a clang. Walking inside and wiping the sweat off her face, Jenn called brightly, "Hey, Dr. Green? I've finished walking the dogs, what else ya got for me?"

Dr. Green walked out of the back room, having changed out of his scrubs and into normal street clothes.

"We haven't got any appointments today, so I'm actually going to close up shop early and then go help clean up my neighborhood. You're free to go, my dear. Will I see you at the Little Mermaid showing tonight?"

Jenn shrugged. She wasn't that big a fan of Disney movies, they were all so trite and sexist for the most part. She didn't really want to chill at her apartment alone either, though, now that she was over her foul mood.

"Maybe." Satisfied, Dr. Green's shining bald head disappeared out the front door, a faint "See you there!" floating behind him. Chuckling softly, Jenn pulled out her phone and hit number one on her speed dial. 

"Hey, Scarlett? Yeah, sorry I was such a pill this morning. Anyway, you wanna go with me to see the Little Mermaid in the park tonight?" Hanging up, Jenn bounced lightly on her place, collected her bag, did a last check around and then loped easily towards home.

She couldn't keep the corners of her mouth from lifting. If I died now, she mused to herself, I'd die happy. 

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